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It is one of the objectives of the CAP-Scan Secretariat to introduce as many countries and government officials to the CAP-Scan so they can use the tool for current and future MfDR planning.

Last year, the CAP-Scan was launched during the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Accra (September 2008). Further, the CAP-Scan has been presented at IDEAS (March 2009), at the African Development Bank Annual meeting (May 2009) and at the Seminar on results, organized by the Asian Community of Practice at the Singapore Civil Service College (August 2009).

As a result of this international exposure, many countries expressed interest in implementing the CAP-Scan. The CAP-Scan Secretariat - in collaboration with our international partners - is ready to support these efforts by facilitating the process, and contributing to the necessary budget and facilitators. We are hoping that as many countries as possible will be introduced to the methodology and we are willing to assist in the process of making the tool relevant and useful for current and future MfDR planning. While we are still in the piloting phase, the goal is to offer this tool as a completely country-led exercise, with international agencies providing only backup and technical assistance.

Please contact if your country is interested to discuss in more detail the possibilities to implement the CAP-Scan in your country. We will do our utmost to facilitate this process effectively and make the CAP-Scan a success!