Results Marketplace

The Results Marketplace, which gave each participating countries and organizations an opportunity to highlight their success in MfDR, was one of the main events of the Third International Roundtable on Managing for Development Results.

Mike Mayer, Vice President, SAP (left side of the picture above) and James Adams, Regional Vice President, World Bank, launched the Results Marketplace on February 5, 10:30 AM , the first day of the Third International Roundtable.

Participants selected MfDR success stories, designed and produced a poster that explained the key portions of the case in a visually appealing format. The Roundtable Secretariat provided the suggested elements to be included in the poster as well as a visual example of how a poster may be designed, and encouraged participants to use as much creativity as possible for maximum impact.

Each country and development partner participating in the Results Marketplace had the opportunity to present a 15-minute summary of their poster.

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Marketplace Awards

During the course of the Roundtable, participants voted for their favorite Marketplace poster. On the last day of the Roundtable the results were announced (see links below).

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Leadership& Accountability:
China - Accountability and Transparency in China's Five Year Plan

Evaluation & Monitoring:
Ethiopia - Synchronized Needs Assessments, Planning & Monitoring of the PRSP and MDG's

Mutual Accountability & Partnerships:
Afghanistan: National Solidarity Program

Planning & Budgeting:

Nepal: Results Orientation to Poverty Reduction in the Tenth Plan/PRSP (2002 - 2007) of Nepal

People's Choice Award:
Mongolia: Operation H.O.P.E.

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