Third Roundtable on Managing for Development Results
Hanoi, 5-8 February 2007

Government officials and development experts from more than 40 developing countries, and from donor agencies, private companies, and NGOs concluded their Third Roundtable on Managing for Development Results in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, with a call for stronger action to improve the number and quality of development results achieved with countries’ own public funds and with international aid.

The Hanoi Roundtable reaffirmed the importance of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness—a high-level commitment made in 2005 which sets out an ambitious international agenda to improve aid practices and effectiveness, designed to help developing countries achieve a set of wide-ranging targets to reduce poverty and improve human welfare by 2015, known as the Millennium Development Goals. Central to this agenda is that all countries and donors should improve their management of resources to achieve better, verifiable development results, guided by a commitment to mutual

The renewed urgency to improve development results that emerged during the Hanoi
Roundtable will form the basis for further progress in the run-up to the Third High Level
Forum on Aid Effectiveness, to be convened in Ghana in September 2008.

The Third International Roundtable on Managing for Development Results was hosted by the Government of Vietnam, and sponsored by the African Development Bank; the Asian Development Bank; the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and its members; the Inter-American Development Bank; the International Fund for Agricultural Development; the United Nations Development Programme; and the World Bank.

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